His fans have spoken, and they say "More Gary." A 3rd tribute album of 'The Songs of Gary Floater' is happening now…


After 'A Hero Never Learns' and 'Floater Rising', tens of fans worldwide have demanded a third installment of the songs of legendary country songwriter Gary Floater.

He was recently recognized with the "Worst Country Songwriter Lifetime Achievement Award" but he keeps writing and sending out his songs in the mail because his ankle monitoring device won't let him leave the house.

If 'Who Cares' — the 3rd tribute album — is successfully funded, it will include the songs:

Let's Get This Over With
Nature Song
Who Cares
Two Boring Losers in Love
Thanks Me
I'm a Big Old Boogie Bear
Hello Diabetes
Selfish Lover
Oh No
Midnight at the Grocery Store
Whatever Man
I'm About to Give You The Blues

Who Cares? We cares, we cares about we and Gary's songs.