These people are “Gary’s Heroes” because they don’t want Gary to throw his mixtape of new songs off a bridge.

These heroes said “no man is a failure who has friends” and pledged to help make another tribute album of Gary Floater’s songs called “Who Cares?”

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Who Cares? These people – these heroes – cares.  

If you like Gary’s music, you can thank “Gary’s Heroes” and you can join them, by helping Gary make the tribute album project!

Lisa Ahrlett
Aaron Arguien
Ethan Bessey
Jeffry Brace
Justin Bush
Brian Connally
Jeff Cooper
Donnie Courville
Damien Cutcheon
Joshua Daugherty
Tobi Ellis
Jason Foster
Scott Friedeck
Rene Geilenkirchen
Emily & Mike Gibbons
Kevin Haggard
Matt Harlan
Janet Herman
Andrew Holcombe
Bobby Hornsby
Dano Johnson
James Jolley
Cody Jump
Lisa Love
Steve Long
Donny Meisenheimer
Ron Miller
Jordan Minor
Andrew Murphy
James Nelson
Cody Oxley
Aaron Pacitti
Hanna Prichard
Gailie Pyle
Cynthia Roberts
Garrick Roegner
Joel Schoepf
Bryan Sellers
Bob Simpson
Matt Stevens
Dave Tartaglia
Jim Thomas
Bruce Thrasher
James Trone
Stephen Tuck
Monica & Bo Vann
Griffin Veatch
Sam Watkins
Kyle Weiters
Aaron Wevodau
Jamie Lin Wilson
Allison Wollam


Here is a video of Brandon Wayne Akins singing a song that BW heard on Gary’s new mixtape of songs- this song was on the tape that Gary has tentatively agreed to not throw in the river: