Here's a list of the albums Puffy Dan and me (B.W.) have found in our vinyl collection over the years- I know there's lots of albums I don't have, so let's just add them to the list in the comments…

Me Myself and I (1964)
More Me (1965)
Me in the Mirror (1966)
Rhyming Egotist (1967)
How I Am (1968)
The Devil's Backpack (1969)
Denim on Denim (1970)
Amphetamine Glow (1972)
Armageddon Management (1973)
Not Quite A Hobo (1974)
Soul Patch (1975)
I'll Show You What Drunk Really Is (1976)
Coasting (1978)
Haphazard (1979)
Paper or Plastic (1980)
Rough and Loose – The Demos Album (1981)
Duets for One (1982)
A Wretch Like Me (1984- gospel album)
The Best That I Can Do Right Now (1985)
Song Gladiator (1986)
Let's Get This Over With (1987)
Namedropper (1988)
Don't Encourage Him (1989)
Step Inside My Comfort Zone (1990)
Gary Floater: Ultra Soft & Strong (1991 – greatest hits collection – this one always gives me a confident clean feeling)
You Had to Be There – Gary Floater Live (1992 live album)
A Hero Never Learns – The Songs of Gary Floater (2009 tribute album)
Floater Rising – The Songs of Gary Floater (2011 tribute album)
Holiday High – Live from Santos Marcos (2013 live album)
Who Cares – The Songs of Gary Floater (2014 tribute album)