Forty years ago was also the last time I washed my jean jacket.

A lot of folks fell in love with ‘Denim on Denim’ when it was released in 1978, but some people said the songs on ‘Denim on Denim’ were too much alike. Even though they are damn comfortable.

Some folks at Eight 30 Records are ceblerating the anniversary of this release with a tribute album to my tributes. For those of you not in the music business, a tribute album is a way of saying “thanks for the songs but please don’t sing them.”

Drink a 40 for me, when you think about 40 years of “Denim on Denim.” To think it was released the same year disco peaked, and the same year I fell to the bottom of a Dutch canal.

“Floater: A Tribute to the Tributes to Gary Floater” will be released to the wild, to a place it’s never been before, on May 4.


Floater: A Tribute to the Tributes of Gary Floater Releasing May 2018 on Eight 30 Records

Eight 30 Records will release the eighteen-song Floater: A Tribute to the Tributes to Gary Floater on May 4! “We’re so excited about our latest tribute album honoring the great Gary Floater,” says Eight 30 Records’ Jenni Finlay, who produced the album with label co-owner Brian T. Atkinson. “There’s truly never been anyone like him.” Indeed, Floater tunes are simply singular. Consider a few titles alone: “Whatever Man,” “Thanks Me,” “Let Me Kiss You Where It Hurts,” “A Hero Never Learns,” “Grandpa’s Promise,” “Pull Over I Wanna Eat That” and “Sunburn Lake.”

Floater: A Tribute to the Tributes to Gary Floater offers a veritable who’s who of singer-songwriters with their takes on Floater’s solid gold country classics. A short list – The Band of Heathens (“The Dirty South”), James McMurtry (“Grandpa’s Promise”), Jason Eady (“Stand Back Boys I’m Fixing to Care”), Rod Picott (“That’s What I’m Gonna Do”) – gives a glimpse. Floater himself will embark on his 40-city “Drink a Forty for the Fortieth” tour later this year celebrating the 40th anniversary of his unforgettable 1978 landmark album Denim on Denim, which features several songs on the new tribute.