Gary Floater

Floater Rising

  1. Yessir!

As my favorite singer sang I yelled out a loud “yessir!”
And he looked kind of startled, I guess I musta caused quite a stir
I took a picture of myself watching him with a camera phone I bring
So I won’t forget the day I saw that ol’ boy see me watch him sing

I pointed to my eyes with two fingers, then straight at his, his eyes how they shined
He had his elevens showing – we were touching each other’s mind
I know we had a moment made us both feel a little less alone
Seeing him, seeing me, yell at him, the greatest day I’ve ever known

Willie, Waylon, Merle, and George played Branson – each sang a tender song
Each time I hollered out “yessir,” they glared at me like I’d done something wrong
But I saw Nelson watching Jennings watching Haggard as he was watching Jones
Seeing them, seeing me, yell at them, the greatest day I’ve ever known