Hello Diabetes

Gary Floater

Who Cares

  1. Hello Diabetes

Hello Diabetes, I knew you’d come to town
I’ve been waiting for you, wondering when you’d come around
My blood sugar’s rising up like the great speckled bird
Such a terrible disease- such a funny word

So hello Diabetes they told me you’d be here
I left the light on for you through all the Ding Dong years
So bring me a shot of insulin, tequila, and some lime
Hello Diabetes, you strange new friend of mine

All things must find a place to live and I guess that you do too
So get in with all the Twinkies, Big Red, and Mountain Dew
So bring me a shot of insulin with that ice cold beer
Hello Diabetes, they told me you’d be here

Now I’m pricking my finger, taking all them pills
Hello Diabetes, my new Achille’s heel