I’m a Alcoholic

Gary Floater

Who Cares

  1. I’m a Alcoholic

Wine is meant to be spilled
Time is meant to be killed
I’m behind on all my bills
I’ve got a serious problem

My health has gone to pot
My nerve’s completely shot
This bottle’s all I’ve got
This is not a joke

I’m a alcoholic
Yeah, no really, alcoholic
Full blown alcoholic
I’m a alcoholic, eve-ry-day

Wine, whiskey, and beer
Can’t reduce my fear
Still I hold booze dear
It’s a disease, people

They say go on and turn the page
As I throw up on a stage
They say, come on, act your age
But I’m really feeling old right now

I’m a alcoholic
Oh yeah, alcoholic
Country alcoholic
I’m a alcoholic, eve-ry-day

Well now, the free booze in this job
Turns me to a drunken slob
I hold my head and sob
I’m really sad now

In the songs I sing
Problems caused by one thing
I only stop-a my drink-ing
Oh Lord!  When I pass out

I’m a alcoholic
Oh baby, alcoholic
Total alcoholic
I’m a alcoholic, eve-ry-day

I’m a alcoholic
I’m singing out for help
I never thought I’d end up like this
Yeah, the party’s put me down

I’m a alcoholic
Total alcoholic
Full blown, everyday
I’m a alcoholic eve-ry-day