A new feature called “Ask Gary” will allow fans to submit questions to Gary and he will select a few from the mailbag each month and answer them in the form of an answer.

Here is the first question from the mailbag:

Dear Gary why are there so many country music songs about angels and so few about leprechauns?

Monique Bandy
Miami, Oklahoma

Dear Monica- becuase leprecons are not real. thanks fro your question. Gary


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2 Responses

  1. Dear Gary,
    If someone were to erect a 100 foot tall statue of you somewhere, where should it be and what should it be made out of?

  2. thanks fro you question Janet. If I were to be blessed by my fellow man with a statue erection as tall as this. huh. I guess it should be in Miami, Missouri on my birthplace. So it should be in the back office of the 7-11 and it should be of me holding an eagle feather quill pen